New Year’s Resolutions
for Happy Feet

We’re ready for you, 2023! A new year means a new beginning!

A time that inspires us to start our New Year’s Resolutions. There has never been a better time for you to put your best foot forward – actually, both feet. We mean taking better care of your feet so you can feel better.

So here are some resolutions to get your feet happy.

  • Happy feet include proper hygiene, looking for signs of diseases, and tending to foot pain sooner rather than later.
  • You should stretch and massage your feet regularly, especially if you spend a lot of time on your feet. The practice of yoga is an excellent way to see how your balance, strength, and flexibility are. Any pain you experience during an activity like yoga will provide a better insight into your foot problems.
  • Get your body moving. We’re ready to rock the new year, so let’s get it started with regular movement. An easy way to do this is by increasing your step count. Get away from the computer/tv and go on a walk! If you have an activity tracker or pedometer, use it to keep track of how many steps you take throughout the day.
  • When beginning a new workout regimen, such as running or weightlifting, you must take necessary precautions to keep your body safe and prevent injury. Find the right shoes, always warm up and stretch before and after exercising, dress appropriately for the weather, and set reasonable goals to keep you motivated! Consult a doctor if you have pain or other issues before you begin.
  • For long-term foot and ankle health, start listening to your body – function over fashion. Wear supportive, comfortable shoes that are right for you.
  • During the winter, your feet might not be able to breathe because of too much moisture and lack of airflow. This leads to cracking, which can become painful as it grows worse. Use a moisturizer or lotion that has at least some fungicide to prevent fungus from growing on your feet.
  • Have foot pain or diseases that you can’t shake off? Make your annual appointment with your favourite chiropodist 😉

In fact, make an appointment today! Janet Yu, Brooklin Foot, and Orthotic Clinic’s lead chiropodist, is eager to greet you in the New Year. For all of you living in Brooklin, Whitby, and the surrounding Durham Region, call today at 905-425-3338 or use the form on this page to contact us. 

Happy New Year, and cheers to happy feet!

New patients are welcome. No referrals are required.

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