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Offering the Durham region complete foot care services, including sports medicine, pain management, wound care and orthotics.

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Advanced Treatment Technology for Foot Discomfort


Diabetic Foot Care

If you live with diabetes, you know how important proper foot care is. Our staff is specially trained to handle diabetic foot care, not just treating issues when they arise, but working with you to prevent them, so you can live worry-free.


Custom Made Orthotics

If you need customized foot orthotics, in-stock orthopedic shoes and sandals, or medical-grade compression stockings, our clinic and staff are equipped to conduct detailed assessments, take precise measurements and prescribe exactly what you need.


Treatment for Foot Skin & Nail Conditions

Whether you need help with warts, corns, calluses, ingrown and fungal toenails, blisters, athlete’s foot or any other skin and nail conditions, our experts at the Brooklin Foot & Orthotic Clinic are trained and experienced in treating you. With our personalized treatment plans, your issues won’t get in the way of you putting your best foot forward, every day.

Orthotic Clinic Podiatrist Chiropodist

Foot Mobilisation Technique (FMT)

Improve your foot and ankle function with FMT – a hands-on therapy that gently targets and strengthens stiff, misaligned joints. Our expert therapists will study your unique needs and recommend exercises and custom orthotics in conjunction with FMT to maximize the benefits.

Orthotic Clinic Podiatrist Chiropodist

Foot Surgical Procedures & Injections

Surgical intervention for your foot issues is sometimes the best option. Whether it’s nail surgery, wart needling, or cortisone injections you need, our experts will guide you all through, from preparing for the procedure to post-surgery care.

The newest Foot care technology and expert chiropody care, close to home.

A friendly, welcoming environment is what you’ll notice first when you walk into our clinic. Keeping it that way is a priority for Janet Yu, our lead chiropodist, and all staff at the Brooklin Foot & Orthotic Clinic.

Whether your foot issues are simple or complex, you can be assured of attentive, individualized care from our trained, experienced chiropodists who are equipped with cutting-edge tech, for the most modern treatment options.

You and your family will feel comfortable discussing and getting treatment for your foot-related issues in our contemporary, easily accessible location right here in Brooklin. You’ll find the most advanced treatment options on par with what’s available in any big city, for you and your entire family. Our unmatched foot care solutions will help you manage pain and make a quick recovery.

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The world of health insurance can be confusing.

Most extended health insurance benefits plans cover assessment, treatments, surgeries and medical devices, in full or in part. Our staff will work with you and your insurance company to verify your benefits and give you a clear picture of what you’re covered for. No “out-of-pocket” jolts.

Our clinic staff can assist you with understanding your insurance plan, and what it covers.

Your Best Foot Forward Action Plan

Whether it’s pain, sports injuries or any other foot issues you’re dealing with, your BFFs at Brooklin Foot & Orthotic Clinic will assess your unique case and recommend a ‘Best Foot Forward Action Plan’ tailored to your needs, covering:
• Treatment & Medication
• Orthotics, footwear, or compression stockings
• Splints or braces
• Foot mobility exercises
• Any other intervention you might need

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The Brooklin Foot Clinic offers the following Chiropody Services to the Durham region, including Ajax, Brock, Brooklin,
Clarington, Oshawa, Pickering, Scugog, Uxbridge and Whitby.