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Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetics often experience decreased circulation, impaired nerve function in the feet, and a weakened immune system. This can lead to open sores or wounds that won’t heal – eventually leading to infection. These infections can be incredibly serious if left untreated, resulting in amputations, limb loss, and, sadly, even death.

As a diabetic, it is critical to have your feet assessed and examined by a chiropodist regularly. Early detection of potential issues can help prevent costly long-term consequences for your health and well-being.

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If you have diabetes, it likely increases your chances of developing peripheral neuropathy. This nerve damage can result in pain, numbness, tingling and burning sensations at the bottom of your feet. To ensure that you stay safe and healthy, we urge all individuals with diabetes to get a comprehensive diabetic foot evaluation!

At the Brooklin Foot & Orthotic Clinic, your chiropodist will inspect and assess your feet’s blood circulation and nerve sensation to decide if you have nerve impairment. After a thorough assessment is done, your chiropodist will build a tailored plan for your treatment.

If you suffer from diabetes, please schedule an appointment with us without delay so that our podiatric team can provide you with all necessary assistance which will help minimize potential complications in future!

Diabetic Foot Care & Wound Management Specialists

Wound care –  Amputation Prevention Specialists

An open wound can be a breeding ground for infection, so it’s vital to take swift action if you discover an unhealed wound on your feet. Those with diabetes are particularly vulnerable and need to pay special attention – the quicker treatment is sought, the more likely full recovery will occur. Don’t delay; get help right away!

We prioritize preventive measures through bi-annual diabetic foot inspections, regular nail and callus maintenance, orthopedic shoes and custom orthotics to help avoid developing ulcers or having an amputation. Once your feet have healed adequately, follow-up visits will be necessary to prevent future issues from occurring.

Don’t wait and put your foot at risk. Schedule a consultation today!

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The Brooklin Foot & Orthotic Clinic team commonly treat the following:
Heel and Arch Pain, Achilles problems, ball-of-foot pain, arthritic feet, bunions, children’s feet, and knee and ankle pain.

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