Flat Feet

Are you tired of dealing with discomfort or pain in your feet, ankles, or lower legs while walking or running? You’ve come to the right place. Our esteemed Lead Chiropodist, Janet Yu, is an expert in treating flat feet and can provide you with the comprehensive care you need to improve your foot health.

Flat feet can be a common condition where the arches of the feet appear to be flattened, causing the back of the heels to lean toward the center line. While this is normal in infants and toddlers whose feet are still developing, persistent flat feet can lead to pain and other issues in adulthood. If you or your child are experiencing any discomfort, it’s crucial to seek the professional evaluation of a chiropodist.

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Janet Yu, our highly skilled Lead Chiropodist, has extensive experience in assessing and treating flat feet.

With her expertise, she can determine the underlying causes of your flat feet and develop a personalized treatment plan to alleviate your pain and improve your foot function.

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So, what can you do if you have flat feet?
Here are some actionable steps you can take:

Wear supportive shoes: Opt for footwear with good arch support and cushioning. This helps provide stability and alleviate discomfort associated with flat feet. Supportive shoes promote better alignment and reduce strain on the affected areas, allowing you to move with greater ease and comfort.

What can our chiropodist do for you?

Janet Yu offers a comprehensive treatment plan that includes the following:

Perform biomechanical examination and gait analysis: Through a thorough evaluation of your foot mechanics and walking pattern, Janet can gain valuable insights into your specific needs. This examination helps identify any underlying issues contributing to your flat feet, allowing for targeted treatment.

Assess the needs of custom orthotics: Janet will determine if custom orthotics are necessary for your flat feet. These specialized shoe inserts are designed to provide personalized support, addressing biomechanical abnormalities and promoting proper foot alignment. Custom orthotics are tailored to fit your unique foot structure and gait pattern, providing optimal comfort and support.

Recommend shoe changes: Janet’s expertise in footwear ensures that she can guide you in selecting the most appropriate shoes for your flat feet. By making informed choices about your footwear, you can further enhance your foot health and overall comfort.

Take the first step toward improved foot health by contacting us at the Brooklin Foot Clinic. Whether you’re looking to schedule an appointment or gather more information about our foot care services, our friendly team is ready to assist you.

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Your feet deserve the best care possible, and with Janets Yu’s expertise and our comprehensive treatment approach,
you can find the relief you need. 

Say goodbye to foot pain and discomfort and hello to a more comfortable
and active lifestyle!

Janet Yu – Expertise in Treating Flat Feet

Lead Chiropodist at Brooklin Foot Clinic

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